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Vr 14-12 | Patronaat | 23:00 - 06:00 | earlybird (sold out): €15,80 presale: €20,30 (exclusief banktransactiekosten vanaf €0,50) deur: € 22,60 | 18+

Friction (UK)
Artificial Intelligence (UK)Ordure (NL)
Polygon (NL)
Sektor & Subsequent (NL)
Mind Theory (NL)
MC Innate (NL)

Spektrum: Friction, Artificial Intelligence, Ordure, Polygon, Sektor & Subsequent, MC Innate

Spektrum returns once again, with the best cutting edge drum & bass. Representing the full spectrum of the genre. 


Friction has a vast catalogue behind him and has worked with most of the major labels in D&B including Hospital and Metalheadz. However it was in 2004 when he founded the now infamous record label Shogun Audio that really pushed the Friction name further into the musical limelight. Whilst DJ'ing across the world every weekend and heading up the juggernaut record label Shogun Audio, Friction has achieved much commercial success but always keeps his feet firmly on the ground. Described by Pete Tong as 'one of the big dogs' Friction looks set to hit dizzying new heights in his career this year as he continues to trail blaze his way through the ever-evolving musical landscape.

Artificial Intelligence

Superduo Artificial Intelligence are back at the forefront of the Drum & Bass scene in a new era of releases as they continue to carve a truly unique position in the Drum & Bass scene with their consistently progressive sound. Their debut album for Metalheadz Timeline dropped at the end of last yeargaining widespread critical acclaim and the outstanding follow-up EP “Shrine” which hit the official national charts this summer, are testament to their unrivalled heavyweight status.


Jelle Geus and Jesse de Rooy, otherwise known as Ordure, are a bass driven producer / DJ duo focussing on Drum & Bass and it's Halftime offspring. Having released on Invisible, Blackout, Flexout & Inspected they keep exploring new styles within the genre, challenging themselves and their audience.


Being not just any duo, Julian and Elliot knew, from the moment they met, something special was about to happen. Combining their skills as producer and DJ created a chemistry which evolved into the duo we now know as Polygon. After getting noticed by labels such as Liquicity and Viper, 2018 is going to be the year where Polygon steps forward. a new, hardworking duo which is going to show the world they’re here to stay.

Sektor & Subsequent:

These guys need no introduction. Steady as a rock with Spektrum since day one.

Mind Theory:

Started out as local drum & bass DJ’s in the dutch scene since 2014, they have worked their way to various big parties in Holland. Working on the production side of their neurofunk alias, and a lot of fresh material coming your way soon, they have proven to bring special and hard drum & bass vibes to the crowds.

MC Innate will be your host. 

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