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Vr 14-02 | Patronaat | Open: 19:30 u Aanvang: 20:00 u | 10

Complexity Fest 2020 Pre-Party

Beaten To DeathAstrosaur
Mary Fields

Complexity Fest 2020 Pre-Party

As announced we have a pre-party on the day before the festival, Friday February 14. And with Beaten To Death, Astrosaur and Mary Fields we have a line-up that guarantees you get a proper warm-up, if not ending up totally wrecked. Their is free entrance for people already having a ticket for the festival. Otherwise get you separate ticket HERE

Time Schedule:
19:30 doors open
20:30 Mary Fields
21:00 Astrosaur
22:15 Beaten To Death

With BEATEN TO DEATH we invited back one of the most fun acts that ever played Complexity Fest. The Norwegian grindcore band never plays by the rules and with their latest record 'Agronomicon' they released an album that spirals your imagination down a rabbit hole you probably never really recover from. This is going to be insane!

The instrumental Norwegian power trio ASTROSAUR pushes their unique combination of sludge, prog, post-metal, and a hint of jazz into uncharted aural territory. Somophore album ‘Obscuroscope’ has every intention of blowing your mind completely and showcases the band might just be the next great post-metal band in the game.

Eversince the release of MARY FIELDS's debut-EP 'Flawless Victory Over Movement' in 2013 we are restlessly waiting for that follow-up. This year we finally got a glimpse of what's to come thanks to "What's in a Nom de Plume". A brand new single filled with neck-breaking guitar riffs, crazy sound samples and an epic Phil Collins drum fill. Hopefully we can hear some more of what's to come.

Dit concert is ook te bezoeken met je Patromaatje pas. Kijk voor meer informatie over deze concertpas van Patronaat op: www.patronaat.nl/patromaatje

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