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Za 19-11 | Patronaat Café | 21.00 - 01.00 uur | gratis

The Irrational Library:
Drive By Wire
Jesse LaportMC Mr. Weird Beard

The Irrational Library: Drive By Wire & Mademoiselle

The Irrational Library presents a stoner groove get down with Mademoiselle, Drive by Wire and special guest Arnhem's stadsdichter Jesse Laport!


vuige gitaren, catchy zangmelodieën en een groovende ritmesectie maakt van Mademoiselle een desert-rockband met een eigen geluid. De 5-mans formatie is in 2016 in Utrecht ontstaan op de Herman Brood Academie en de songs zijn beïnvloed door de Stoner scene van Palm Desert en de Grunge scene van Seattle. Met hun zware riffs en sexy vocalen bestormen deze tunes je trommelvliezen. Bring Protection…

Jesse Laport

Jesse Laport en begrip geworden in Oost Nederland na zes jaar aan optredens. De laatste twee jaren zijn echter nog succesvoller geweest, met als hoogtepunt een optreden onder de Gentse Feesten voor duizenden Belgen. De teksten van Jesse zijn ondergeschikt aan het totaalplaatje, in de meest goede zin van het woord. Theater, muziek, een warme stem en onberispelijke kleding. Wees voorbereid op een van de meest spraakmakende acts op het gebied van woordkunst.

Drive By Wire live! - an Irrational Library night of good time stoner grooves!
Oh Ladies and Gentlemen - and I am thrilled to have some fine rocking folk that I meet this past summer coming to join us for night of stoner grooves in the cafe. Drive By Wire, puts the pedal to the metal, and rides the long road. Come on down ride along with us.

And not every band inspires me to write a rock n roll poem about them, but they did...

Smiling stoned
getting down way down
mountain high
to some groovin stoner rock vibes
at the Hightide seaside

this place at that moment
a haven of fine
as the heavens open
and the winds whip up the fuzz
and the rain lays down
the rhythm track.

this place is an oasis
an escape hatch
a simple gift of good sense
for those who want to ride

and as my smile grows wider
and the bassline rumbles in
and the band shifts into high gear
and as we drive, we drive together
we Drive By Wire
in the wind and the rain and sea and sand
and the road into the North Sea
wide open

The heavy desertrock-band Drive By Wire with the charismatic Simone Holsbeek (vocals / guitar), Alwin Wubben (guitar), Jerôme MiedenDorpdeBie (Drums) and Marcel Zerb (bass) is back with a bulldozer of an album; entitled "The Whole Shebang".
The creation of this 3rd studio album was not without a struggle. A busy tour schedule (most shows as headliner, some as support for Mudhoney, Atomic Bitchwax, The Gathering, Brant Bjork and Kyuss Lives!), it took still several sessions in different studios before the right atmosphere, the magic moment was caught on "tape", not perfection but the essence where the band is completely at one with the music.

A trip through the dusty desolate desert landscape, the swampy river delta, home to the band. 70's psychedelica, but also heavier themes inspired by the loss of loved ones, the harsh reality of life and struggle with personal demons. Drive By Wire manages to distill these inspirations into a warm organic sound with the urgency and dynamics of 90's grunge (Soundgarden, Alice in Chains), the sensuality of PJ Harvey and the deliciously heavy psychedelic fuzz grooves of 70's bands such as Black Sabbath. Immerse yourself in Drive By Wire, the band known for the enormous energy, stage presence and heavy rock galore!

Hell Yeah !!


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