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Ma 23-07 | Patronaat | Open 19.30 u - Aanvang 20.30 u | € 16,95 (ex banktransactiekosten vanaf € 0,50)

Mike Love (USA): The Great Remembering Tour

Mike Love (USA)

Deze Hawaiiaanse singer-songwriter maakt reggae zoals je dat op het eiland Oahu mag verwachten. Na de prachtige show in Patronaat vorig jaar, komt Mike Love gelukkig weer onze kant op! Laidback met gitaar op schoot, maar wel met een grote bak apparatuur aan zijn voeten, waarmee hij live loopings maakt en de prachtigste effecten aan zijn muziek geeft. Come rain or come shine, dit is comfort-food voor de ziel! Mike komt bij ons in het kader van zijn uitgebreide The Great Remembering Tour 2018, een tour die vooral tot doel lijkt te hebben met muziek hoop te geven aan een wereld waarin natuurlijk van alles aan de hand is...Mike meldt daar zelf over:

"The Great Remembering Tour has begun ‘ohana!  We’ve already enjoyed love-filled shows at home and at Envision Festival in Costa Rica and had some wild souled in shows in Texas.  We’re rolling on with the wind at our backs, overjoyed by the support and response we’ve been getting from you.  The reflection of the evolution of Jah music continues to keep us excited to hit the stage and call in that precious healing energy we all need so much in these times.  We see the changes taking place and try our best to reflect the full truth of what is happening around us through melody, rhythm and rhyme.  There’s no doubt that the ice caps are melting, the seas are rising, the weather is out of control.  Politicians increasingly seem like puppets or cartoon characters in a script that’s stranger than fiction.  Police brutality, hate crimes, school shootings, our media outlets and social media feeds seem to be inundated with such a devastating amount of sadness, fear and division.  However, through this music, through the ‘ohana it attracts we see hope, we find hope.  We see communities coming together out of the ashes, we see bonds created through revolution, out of necessity.  No more can we feign ignorance, can we turn a blind eye to the human suffering, the suffering of all creatures and of our beautiful Mother Earth.  This is the foundation of The Great Remembering.  It is a reuniting of the Great Spirit we all belong to, a reconnection of energy that we have been led away from for many lifetimes.  It is a remembering that every action has a reaction and that the repercussions of the choices that we make, positive or negative, will be inherited by our children.  At the start of it all, at the heart of it all, is music.  We give thanks for the blessing, for the responsibility of carrying this music and this message.  We hope to see you soon in your town.  Check the shows page to see if we will be near you.  Love you ‘ohana!"
Mike Love

Revolutionary music may seem hard to come by in these days and times. Long gone is the era of artists like Bob Marley, The Clash, Stevie Wonder and Patti Smith getting airplay and bringing their messages to the masses. But that doesn’t mean that the revolution isn’t still brewing in the hearts and minds of many people around the globe...so meet Mike Love!

Start voorverkoop: zaterdag 14 april, 10.00 uur

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