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Za 24-12 | Patronaat | 21.00 - 04.00 uur | gratis

The Irrational Library's Christmas Crapshoot
Coyote House
Orange Maplewood
Tom Catnip
Chord und Discord
The Kaak

Dj Crazy XMas Crudesjef
Hosted by Mr. Weird Beard

The Irrational Library's Christmas Crapshoot

Well Alright Boys and Girls!

Mr.Weird Beard wants to invite all of you fine rock n rollers out there in Haarlemtown to come on down to the Patronaat for the 12th annual Christmas Crapshoot.  So if the Kerst song on the Grote Markt scares the shit out of you like it does me, we have the safe haven for you.  So come “bring in the kerst met een kater!” 

Coyote House- Haarlemtowns boldest and newest rock n roll psychadelic boogie blues thunder radiates from a place where the beer is warm, the women are cold and the wooden floor bends through the pity of the 2 ft. tall bartender.

Orange Maplewood – with its roots in the “Achterhoek” of Holland but now based in the big city chaos of Amsterdam, Orange Maplewood brings the guitar roar of ‘90s back with a modern menace.  Melancholy at moments then full force fist in the air party time the next.  Super excited to have Orange Maplewood as our special guests this Xmas Eve.

Tom Catnip - let’s get casual, laid back and all just slack a bit.  What I like to call Slacker Pop these cats call something their very own.  
“If Indie Love Pop was an actual recognized genre, Tom Catnip would take the cake. Find yourself answering their questions, thinkin' about time and feeling the love while the 'nip massages your earlobes and sneaks into your mind. We are pleased to.”

Chord und Discord- What would the Chrismast Crapshoot be without our legendary house band Chord und Discord.  Now fronted by Danny Van ’t Loo from Field of Steel, Chord und Discord is re-energized, plugged in and full of sonic fuzz.

The KAAK- legendary one boy beat band Buster, is no longer just a boy but a man on the verge of pure punkhood.  Along with the Mighty Thor on drums and Buster’s grimey guitar the KAAK is on the attack!

Dj Xmas Crazy Crudesjef – plays his never ending assortment of rock n roll xmas songs that will swing you deep into the night of holy craziness. Alright!

Doors 20.30
Showtime 21.00
Entree – Gratis!

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