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Wo 28-11 | Patronaat | Open 19.30 u Aanvang 20.30 u | € 29,38 (exclusief banktransactiekosten vanaf € 0,50)

Big One - The European Pink Floyd Show presents:
"The Division Bell Tour"

Big One - The European Pink Floyd Show

Dit najaar doet Big One (ITA), algemeen beschouwd als de beste Pink Floyd tribute band in Europa, een internationale rondreis door de podia onder de naam "The Division Bell Tour".
Het gelijknamige album staat voor de bijzondere hereniging van de fameuze formatie, en de hernieuwde samenwerking van de leden na een lange periode van tweedracht, scheiding en solo-projecten. Het album echoot heerlijk de mooiste periodes en platen (Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here), en de psychedelic harmonies van Richard Wright en David Gilmour waarmee de band wereldberoemd is geworden zijn ook op dit album weer adembenemend. Niet voor niets bereikte The Division Bell zowel in Amerika als in Engeland de top 1 positie.
Zoals gebruikelijk zal Big One naast de integrale uitvoering van het tour-album ook weer een fijne selectie van andere wereldhits van Pink Floyd spelen.

This year, the Big One - recognized as the best Pink Floyd tribute band in Europe - are in tour with the Division Bell Tour plus the greatest Pink Floyd hits.

"The Division Bell album signs the reunion of the band and the cooperation between the Pink Floyd members after a period of separation.
It contains sounds and atmospheres directly from the past (The dark side of the moon, Wish you were here,...) with psychedelic harmonies perfectly created by the sensibility of Richard Wright and David Gilmour.
The Division Bell deals with themes of communication and the idea that talking can solve many problems.
It is the most enigmatic album, very much appreciated also by the music press, reaching "number one" in UK and in the USA".

The actual Big One group was founded in Verona, Italy, in 2005. The band became famous thanks to the production of a series of thematic shows in the floydian universe, obtaining a great success everywhere . Their European Pink Floyd Show has been included in the posters of the most important music festivals at home and abroad. Big One are defined as “the best tribute band for the execution of Pink Floyd music” by the Italian press and the international pop music journalists, especially for the live versions of the most famous concerts of the British band. The band’s aim is to reproduce the truest possible sounds and arrangements of Pink Floyd using vintage instruments. The project employs very qualified sound, lights and
video engineers. In this way, the show is perfect in keeping with the Pink Floyd world. Big One performed concerts in important festivals and prestigious national theaters; they also live-recorded a CD and a DVD distributed in Italy and abroad "Live at the Valley of the Temples" in Agrigento (Sicily) in 2006, and the DVD “The Wall Anniversary” recorded in 2009 at the Roman Theatre of Verona. The song Comfortably Numb, extracted from the DVD recorded in Sicily, has more than 480,000 hits on YouTube. The repertoire of their concerts is inspired by the most popular productions of the British group, such as The Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Wish You Were Here, etc. up to the latest hits, such as The Endless River. Big One has performed their concerts in the most prestigious Italian theatres in Florence, Padova, Genoa, Arena of Cremona, Bergamo, in the Roman Theatre in Verona, Aosta stadium, Bologna Celebrazioni Theatre, Torino Colosseo Theatre etc.., and also in the famous Blue Note Club in Milan, temple of international musicians, where they have been playing, twice a year, since 2007 for the execution of Pink Floyd music. The band is well-known and appreciated also in other European Countries, such as Belgium and Holland, where they have made successful tours - all “sold out” - since 2012. They played in Harlem, Leiden, Uden, Arnhem, etc. In Belgium, they were selected, among the best European bands who play Pink Floyd, to perform a special concert in Tielt, both in 2016 and 2017, organized by the most important Pink Floyd fan club.

The European Pink Floyd Show presents:

Leonardo De Muzio: Lead guitar, vocals, synt programming and musical Director
Luigi Tabarini: Bass and Vocals
Stefano Raimondi: Drums and Percussion
Stefano Righetti: Hammond Organ, Piano, Synt and Vocals

Special Guests:

Marco Scotti: Saxophone
Federico Caldana: Rythm Guitar
Debora Farina and Manuela Milanese: BackingVocals

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