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Za 28-07 | Patronaat | 22.00 u - 04.00 u | € 11,50 (exclusief banktransactiekosten vanaf € 0,50) | 18+

Spektrum XL x WTF: East meets WestUpgrade (UK)
T & Sugah (Spektrum XL, Liquicity, Viper, High Tea)
Red Lebanon (WTF)
Thizl (WTF)
Syncope (WTF)
Sektor & Subsequent (Spektrum XL, Liquicity, Fokuz)

Spektrum XL x WTF: East meets West: Upgrade (UK) e.a.

Time for a summer rave! The Spektrum XL summer parties have a reputation to be extra grimey, sweaty and foremost legendary! This time we’ll go head to head with the party animals from WTF. All true Drum & Bass heads get together for an East vs West showdown. Let’s do this!

Tickets are very limited. On sale now!

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