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Za 29-09 | Patronaat | Open 20.00 u - Aanvang 20.30 u | € 20,30 (exclusief banktransactiekosten vanaf €0.50)

Songs: Molina - A Memorial Electric Co. tribute to Jason Molina
ft. members of Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. & Special Guests

Songs: Molina - A Memorial Electric Co. tribute to Jason Molina

Ruim vijf jaar na het overlijden van Jason Molina presenteert Patronaat 'Songs: Molina - A Memorial Electric Co. - tribute to jason Molina', met leden van Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. en diverse speciale gasten. Een eerbetoon aan de even briljante als getroubleerde Amerikaanse singer-songwriter, die met zijn indringende songs een diepe indruk heeft achtergelaten, in de relatief korte tijd dat hij onder ons was, vanaf de start in april 1998 van zijn "opmars naar een Europese cultstatus" (Peter Bruyn): hij mocht uiteindelijk geen 40 worden.

Naar aanleiding van het overlijden van Jason Molina in 2013, schreef popjoutnalist (en Molina-fan van het allereerste uur) Peter Bruyn een indrukwekkende necrologie, waarin ook Jason Molina's bijzondere band met Patronaat en Haarlem alle aandacht kreeg, en die u hier nog eens kunt lezen.

vvk vanaf zaterdag  19 mei 2018, 10.00 uur!

In English:

Some five years after the passing of brilliant, prolific songwriter Jason Molina and original run of the Songs: Molina – A Memorial Electric Co. project, the band is reuniting for a handful of special, intimate tour dates. The shows are a European reprise of the 2017 Tour, then following the May 15th release of Jason Molina: Riding With The Ghost (Rowman and Littlefield, 2017), the biography by culture and music writer Erin Osmon. Osmon’s work is the first critical examination of the life and work of Jason Molina, delving into both his music and personal story, as well as the roots of independent label Secretly Canadian, and tracing the shifts in independent music as a whole.

Back in 2013, following the death of Molina, Songs: Molina – A Memorial Electric Co. came together to both celebrate Molina’s life, as well as mourn his too-soon loss. A day-long revelation of music from his original bandmates and a few dozen others unfolded in Bloomington, IN and in January 2014 in Chicago, that day was repeated, the home of the core group of musicians who helped to craft the Magnolia Electric Co. album.

Magnolia Electric Co. member Jason Evans Groth recalls of the initial Molina memorial sets: “…he and his songs led us to rooms full of others who were celebrating and memorializing, hearing Jason’s words, and imagining his voice in harmony with ours, leading us through the amazing songs we got to play, contribute to, record, and love dearly.”

Osmon will be joining the band on tour, with each show featuring readings and storytelling by the band and guests. A Memorial Electric Co. is made up of the original members of Magnolia Electric Co.: Mike Brenner, Jason Evans Groth, Mikey Kapinus, Mark Rice, and Peter Schreiner, with Elephant Micah’s Joe O’Connell on vocals and guitar. Like the original one-off shows, vocal duties will be shared, and each date will include special guests. 


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