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Vr 06-12 | Patronaat | Open: 21:00 u Aanvang: 21:30 u | gratis

Irrational Library:The Fire Harvest
The Bullfight
The Sweet Release of Death

Irrational Library: The Fire Harvest, The Bullfight, The Sweet Release of Death

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the past 14 years of doing the Irrational Library presents...in the Patronaat Cafe we have had many special evenings. And this one may will be a fantastic addition to that list. Three unique bands, all with a vision and a story to tell. And all this for free. You lucky bastards. Come see this.

The Bullfight
Eggs & Marrowbone

In 2018 en 2019 werden meer dan 100 (inter)nationale kunstenaars gevraagd om een kunstwerk bij te dragen aan het project Eggs & Marrowbone. De werken moesten geïnspireerd door of verbonden zijn met "Murder Ballads". Er werden geen regels of richtlijnen gegeven.

Zowel minder bekende als internationaal gewaardeerde kunstenaars schonken werk. Zo leverden onder andere Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Alex Roeka, Henk Schiffmacher, James Johnston, Bart Chabot, Hans Vandenburg en vele anderen werk aan. Tot slot schreef de Nederlandse pop-noir band The Bullfight een soundtrack met originele moordballades bij het boek. Ze kregen hierbij hulp van verschillende gastmuzikanten, waaronder vaderlands popicoon Birgit Schuurman & Rotterdams undergroundfenomeen Mark Ritsema.

Het resultaat is "Eggs & Marrowbone", een kunstboek met schilderijen, tekeningen, (song)teksten, foto's, collages, etsen, linosneden en meer, allemaal geïnspireerd door of gekoppeld aan moordballades.

Het boek zal samen met het album worden uitgebracht op 11 november door platenlabel Brandy Alexander Recordings. Dit zal samen gaan met twee tentoonstellingen van geselecteerde werken uit het boek. Vanaf 9 november zal een expositie in boekhandel Donner, te Rotterdam het licht zien en later in het jaar zal in platenzaak Concerto, te Amsterdam, tevens een tentoonstelling plaatsvinden. The Bullfight zal via een Nederlandse club- en theatertour het project promoten.


The Fire Harvest
You’d be forgiven to think that not having a story and not striving for success or money are goals in themselves. However, the four members of The Fire Harvest are just pure music lovers, survivors of a rich music scene that originated in the Dutch city of Utrecht in the nineties. For ‘Open Water’ they entered the studio with Michael Feuerstack. The singer-songwriter and producer from Montreal offered the chance to help capture the next step in their sound within the familiarity of their own environment and studio while holding on to their principle of recording ‘live’.

“For us the recordings are a documentation of a certain musical period. Therefore we find it important that the dynamics of rehearsing and performing can be heard in the resulting recordings: ‘this is where we stand and what we can do.” - The Fire Harvest singer/guitarist Gerben Houwer.

The basis for this album are conversations on tour in Germany that he has made into lyrics. The songs sometimes hint at social criticism, but more often end up quite personal, like the family story of the resistance weapon that is lying in a cabinet somewhere. Details remain unknown and unspecified –much like the music itself tempts the imagination. The nature of the stories which lurk behind the eight songs and whose lives they reflect upon is entirely up to you to decide.


The Sweet Release of Death
Only two things in human existence are certain: you are born and you die. What you do in-between is ultimately moot within the great universal void. Rotterdam’s formidable The Sweet Release Of Death understand this perspective all too well. Living out life means that, more often than not, you make a ridiculous mess of it, and it’s those tiny triumphs in-between that drive you to wake up every morning.

The Sweet Release Of Death’s third album The Blissful Joy Of Living could be considered a playful counter statement to their own name. Over the span of six songs, it offers an acute glimpse of a band mired in total disarray, struggling to progress from the freewheeling recording methods that fueled their acclaimed self-titled predecessor. The Blissful Joy Of Living’s punctual makeup, clocking in at just 19 minutes and 28 seconds, is an honest symptom of three individuals driving their creative limits to the point of absolute exhaustion.

Overall, The Blissful Joy Of Living offers a more textural, gritty listening experience than the previous two LPs. Instead of embodying the spectral presence of previous recordings, Bretón Ferrer’s bruised squalls on ‘Hey’ are every bit the match for Tevel’s slivered and abrasive guitar pounces. The panic-ridden ‘Ponytail’ and the caustic gaze of ‘Orange Blanket’ see The Sweet Release Of Death frantically reaching for their core instincts, in all-out survival mode. Perhaps for the first time, the brimming energy of their live shows, with Engelsman’s propellent playing cut completely loose, is captured in the recording sessions.

From the volcanic cascades of ‘Sick Girl’ to the majestic jet-engine surge of ‘Sway’, The Sweet Release Of Death prove that even at their most unhinged, the singular chemistry they've built, the trio scrambles moods like vitriol, bliss, hysteria and comedy in refreshing new contexts. The album bookends with a glimpse of a new, more abstract direction with ‘The Weather Is Great Today’, an organism that propels itself with gyrating drum computers and buzzing guitar drones. A fitting closing cut, given The Sweet Release Of Death’s willingness to exhume the darkest thresholds of humanity to find respite.

Indeed, it’s easy to interpret The Blissful Joy Of Living as yet another sarcastic quip outlining the meaningless of it all. But even within its concise makeup of six songs, this album – and make no mistake, this is an album – stands as a deeply-felt document of triumph. Like our tiny frantic little planet drifting in this deep dark void, it’s a testament to the closest of kinships, a vast domain that can withstand even the most conflicting of forces.


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