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The Irrational Library presents:
Las Medicinas
HolbeckDJ Disfingered
Hosted by Mr. Weird Beard

The Irrational Library presents: Las Medicinas, Holbeck

Did you ever have a fever so bad you could barely walk? Did you ever feel so dissapointed and cynical about the world you started drinking and got quite confused of where you were?
That's where the feverish vibe 'Las Medicinas' comes in to bring you a taste of your own medicine. A 4 piece band, with multi-instrumentalist bringing you exotic, electronic, hypnotic, delusional sounds. Think tropical cumbia rythms, synth bass sounds, repetitive hypnotic organ riffs, detuned balkanish surf guitar hooks and vocals drenched in weird sound effects. Think spring reverb, think slapback delay, think out of tune toplines, think hypnosis brought to you by malaria musquitos. Dance the heat off, get drunk, get very drunk, get delusional. Get weird, Get your medicine. Put Los Piranhas, Fumaca Preta, Frente Cumbiero, Sinas, Prince Fatty, The Meridian Brothers in a toxic cocktail and you sort of get the sound of Las Medicinas

The band Holbeck is a unique trio that balances between the subtlety of Morphine and the eclectic madness of Primus. But with their cracking sax-solos, hypnotic bass lines and pumping drums, Holbeck mainly sounds like themselves.

After meeting each other in their earlier band De Hardheid, Menno Vermeulen (vocals / sax / synth), Pim Koppen (vocals / bass) and Niels Docter (drums) founded Holbeck in early 2017. The trio starts experimenting and releases their first music video and single “Bow and Obey” at the end of 2017. A year later the music video for their single “Fire” follows.
After the first two singles which alternately show the psychedelic and explosive side of Holbeck, it’s time for a first real EP. Holbeck launches “Medusa” on 5 October 2019. The EP contains title track “Medusa”, an intense auditory acid trip and the energetic and punk-tending song “Perfect Girl”. All in all a good impression of what you can expect on stage.

In live shows the tight rhythm section also provides a good foundation for the misanthropic lyrics and violent saxophone parts of frontman Menno. Despite the minimal line-up, Holbeck presents overwhelming shows that are both psychedelic and danceable. Make sure you see this band in 2019!

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